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About Us

“GriCo” LLC develops dynamically and offers a wide range of construction, repair and decoration products of Ukrainian and foreign origin. Located in Chernivtsi, we offer high quality products and service clients across Ukraine, adjusting to their requirements and activities.

Our expert service support, constant assistance in making optimal decisions and individual approach increases the efficiency of business processes of our customers (B2B) and satisfy the needs of every consumer (B2C). Unlike construction supermarkets, which offer a large range of goods only, our staff focuses its activities not on selling the product only but also on provision services required by our customers. Our staff will either offer expert advice on the materials selection, their properties, use and interchangeability or will help to calculate the necessary amount of materials and ensure prompt delivery of goods directly to the destination point.

Having established the tendency to use high quality building and finishing materials and in the course of introduction of innovative technologies for the local construction, "GriCo" LLC constantly improves the product range and offers exclusive units, which significantly differ among others with excellent combination of price and quality, aesthetic properties and are environmentally friendly.

"GriCo" LLC develops in the following areas:

  1. Wholesales (active sales in Western Ukraine, interregional sales throughout Ukraine).
  2. Retail and wholesales via its own network (11 outlets, 2 decorating studios).
  3. Maintenance of construction sites.
  4. Foreign trade (constant cooperation with counterparts from Turkey, Belarus Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Denmark, Moldova, People’s Republic of China, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Romania).

There are 3,000 m² of warehouses at our disposal, providing storage of various product groups according to their specifications. Private car park and railway track enable us to supply and ship goods directly to warehouses promptly and efficiently.

The mission of "GriCo":

"We are a the team of professionals who achieves success by fulfilling the needs of our clients"

The company activity is based on compliance with 4 basic principles:

  1. Respect for everyone
  2. Colleagues are your second family
  3. A client is entitled to the best service possible
  4. Strive for excellence in your performance.

Today "GriCo" is a sustainable flourishing company. The result - namely, recognition of clients, partners and reliable reputation of competitive organization, which is open to new projects and collaboration which are all of a great importance for us.

About Us

“Grico” Company Group is one of the largest commercial networks of building and finishing materials in western Ukraine. We develop dynamically and offer a wide range of construction, repair, decoration products of Ukrainian and foreign origin. We offer high quality products and service clients across Ukraine, adjusting to their requirements and activities.


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